I am just an insignificant follower of Sri Sai Baba.

Let’s quickly come back to what this effort is all about.


I have been regularly reading “Sai Satcharitra” for quite a few years now. I have read it completely many times in one week (Saptah Parayan), but now, I read only one chapter daily.

The fascinating thing is that even after reading its chapters daily for a few years, now when I read any chapter again, I always come across something new. Occasionally, it would be something I missed earlier or sometimes verification of other aspects described elsewhere in the book, but mostly a better explanation of doubts during previous readings.

During these readings, numerous interesting thoughts/ observations kept on springing up in my mind. While these observations ironed out some of the doubts, new questions also arose simultaneously, inspiring me to keep digging deeper for better explanations. These thoughts/ interpretations have increased my faith in Baba immensely and brought me ever closer to His lotus feet.

I believe these observations/interpretations were inspired by Sri Sai Baba only and therefore, I resolved to record them with the following thoughts in my mind:

1. It is proven that if you want to improve your concentration on anything, you should keep finding interesting things about it. Everything that I have read so far about Baba has been immensely enlightening. It not only gave more background information on what has been mentioned only briefly in Satcharitra, but also inspired observations/ interpretations that have increased my faith in Baba a lot. I believe this compilation will help other devotees discover more (or better) explanations/ interpretations of their own thereby increasing faith in Sri Sai’s lotus feet.

2. I remember the first time I read Satcharitra – faith in Baba had just begun and I had my ifs and buts about a few things. Starters on Baba may face a similar dilemma. So, learning more and more facts about Baba will help them deal with these situations better by Baba’s blessings.

3. For each Satcharitra chapter, there are many aspects highlighted through questions that non-believers may want to ponder about. I believe these aspects will eventually increase their faith in Sri Sai Baba.  

4. This is certainly NOT a commentary on Satcharitra as I am in no way capable of doing that. This work is inspired just out of love and gratitude of an otherwise a very insignificant Sri Sai Baba follower like me. For me, Baba’s stories are like the rain full of blessings. One sure way of getting closer to Baba is to read and sing about Him as much as one can.

The information presented here is available in numerous places in public domain and I believe if collating it chapter-wise in one place could serve just one person, the purpose of this effort will be considered achieved.

It is my humble request to the readers is to read at least one chapter of Sai Satcharitra every day along with observations & background information covered in this work and if possible, add your own for the benefit of others.

Sri Satchitanand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

May Sri Sai keeps blessing all of us.

On this Guru Purnima of year 2021, I am very happy to share a small contribution in the form of this book with you all.
Baba, may it reaches all your devotees, taking away all their pains and showering your Best of the blessings on them. 

By Baba’s grace, I was also able to publish my first ever eBook on Amazon. I can’t ever thank you enough Sai for inspiring and helping me write it. The book has been well received and I pray that with your blessings it reaches more and more people, providing a simple and effective perspective on how to solve their problems.

For those interested, the links to the book are –



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  1. swetha says:

    am really strugling with my life…i believe in baba i hav completed reading sacharitra 3 to 4 times i thing am praying for my wish to done…will baba help me out plz say…….

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Swetha,

      The fact that you have been reading SatCharitra means you are under Baba’s care now and believe me Baba never leaves His devotees alone.

      It is true that everybody has to bear the fruit of their past karmas, but Baba provides the necessary strength to get through this bad phase and stands by His devotees.

      Remember it becomes darkest before dawn and therefore it is a test of your patience and faith in Baba’s feet. Just hang in there and leave it in Baba’s capable hands.

      Human life is the most precious thing, there are countless of people who have turned around not only their own lives but also that of thousands of others from the worst circumstances you and I can’t even imagine – for example, those who do not hand and feet paint by holding brush in their mouth, none of the problems you have could be any bigger than what such people have to face; but they choose to take steps to get past the feeling of incapability, win the recognition across the world and inspire others.

      Don’t waste this precious jewel of human life that you have in your hand already. Bad phases in life are really the opportunities when one’s character gets defined and one gets closer to God. Don’t lose to weak thoughts of killing self.

      Read through Chapter 8 again where Hemadpant has explained the importance of Human life (all these are Baba’s words only through Hemadpant) and also chapter 26 for Gopal Ambadekar’s predicament who had to suffer for 7 long years even when Baba was present in flesh (this is not to say that you will have to suffer that long), the lesson to learn here is that Gopal did not stop going to Shirdi all these years; he kept faith in Baba and Baba helped him in just about the right time.

      Leave it to Baba and get on with your life, if you can pull yourself together from this lowest times in your life, you can only improve from here on (those who survive in weak times, thrive all other times; consider yourself lucky that you have Baba supporting you; which also means your sufferings are soon going to end; others on the other hand would not have even heard about Baba and their sufferings are bigger due to ignorance).

      In the end, I would suggest you to go through the life stories of successful people (there are plenty on internet), it will help you feel better and keep you on the right track.

      Also, when you say you believe in Baba, you should be able to leave it to Him and then there would be no weak thoughts.

      May Sai Bless you the soonest.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

      • swetha says:

        nenu na life lo okoka stage lo oka la suffer avthune vachanu i dnt know ye janma lo ya papam chesano….childhood lo oka la and ipudu ila but why nenu evarini em ananu evaritho ayna close ga move avali ante kuda naku bayam malli naku problem ekadi ninchi vasthundo ani bayam and na nature ye adhi….careful ga unta ani kadu asalu na nature ye adhi but malli intha pedha problem ni nenu face chestha ani ankoledu….infact naku patience ledu but naku kuda koncham anna luck leda ani am waiting ….naku bathakalani undi infact evariki chavalani undadhu naku kuda anthe life meda chala hopes unai but na life last ki em ipothundo naku teledu…..plz baba save mylife i never forget u until i close my eyes baba plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me…………….i cant able to sleep i cant able to eat baba from so many days plz baba nenem thappu chesanu nenu chala chinna age kada baba plz inka nannu enni days test cheyali ankuntunnav baba plz………………………………..

  2. sairam2all says:

    Hi Swetha,

    I don’t follow much of what you have written, as I don’t speak the language; but all I can say is have Faith in Baba’s feet and leave it to Him. He will set the things right around you. You need to offer Baba “Faith and Patience” though.

    Sometimes it takes longer but He is right there to support you. Follow what He has said in the Satcharitra, visit a temple nearby and spend some time there, you will get some peace of mind.

    May Baba end all your troubles ASAP.

    • swetha says:

      thank u so much…as am in depression i written in telugu that is my mother tongue am sorry for that…..from now i will reply in english…………..sorry for the inconvinience……

      • sri says:

        I can understand your pain.
        Just finished my Parayana today, and happened to see your mail.
        All I can say is everything.. whatever is happening is good for you. you may not know now, but definitely in future you will realize what it mean to you. It may be related to love,career, studies , family or whatever ..never leave your faith.
        We are humans, not like robots, which are programmed to function perfectly with out any problem.
        Just think of a new born baby, always struggles in every stage to learn and grow.
        If she ever thinks she can’t face difficulties or its hard to learn.. she never grow.
        Think of people who dont even have 3 times food and shelter, and how blessed we are.
        There is no one in earth without worries. Just have faith in Baba, he will take care of you.
        Try to divert from your problem and concentrate your career/studies/social activities/helping poor etc.,
        Read books like Vivekananda , you feel confident.
        Dont ever think your problem should go away from you like a magic instead pray to Baba to face and to gain the strength to face the problems and to remember him in all stages of your life.
        Dont think you never had luck like other people/friends, luck is uncertain but Baba’s grace is always certain.
        Just do your Karma, and love unconditionally Baba ..then all of your questions will be answered.
        Om Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai..
        Chant this till your tears come out, with love on Sai, you feel better.

  3. swetha says:

    right now your reading parayana by which writter ? ? ?
    thank u…

  4. sai ki beti says:

    Hello sir….om Sai ram….ur sayings are very true heart touching n faith boosting…I got to know about this blog from one of Sai Baba’s site..

    Today is my Sai vrat udyapan n I was very upset that why baba is not solving my problem when I have already surrender myself in his lotus feet.blindly I blive baba n waiting for my good time with patience since last 2.5years…hope baba bless me n my husband a Blissfull happy married life .om Sai ram

    • sairam2all says:

      It gets darkest just before the sun comes out; just hang in there and don’t loose your heart. The following story I came across elsewhere may help:

      A King had a male servant who, in all circumstances always said to him; My king, do not be discouraged, because everything Almighty God does is perfect, no mistakes.
      One day, they went hunting and a wild animal attacked the king, the servant managed
      to kill the animal but couldn’t prevent his majesty from losing a finger.
      Furious and without showing gratitude, the King said; if Almighty God was good, I would not have been attacked and lost one finger.
      The servant replied ‘despite all these things, I can only tell you that Almighty God is good and everything He does is perfect, He is never wrong’.
      Outraged by the response, the king ordered the arrest of his servant. While being taken to prison, he told the king again, Almighty God is Good & Perfect.
      Another day, the king left alone for another hunt & was captured by savages who
      use human beings for sacrifice.
      On the altar, the savages found out that the king didn’t have one finger missing, he was released because he was considered not “complete” to be offered to the gods.
      On his return to the palace, he ordered the release of his
      servant and said; My friend, Almighty God is really good. I was almost killed but for lack of a single finger. I was let go. But I have a question; If Almighty God is so good, why did he allow me to put you in prison?
      His servant replied; My king, if I had not been put in prison, I would have gone with you, and would have been sacrificed, because I have no missing finger. Everything Almighty God does is
      perfect, He is never wrong.

      Often we complain about life. The negative thinking kills the positivity in us…so think positive and trust Almighty God at every moment….
      HE knows why He chose you to read this message today.

      May Sai be with you.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  5. PariPriya says:

    Hello Sai RAM. I am a sai devotee who is blessed by Sai BABA. HE has pulled me towards HIM because in my childhood days at my home we used to do morning prayers and evening prayers So I knew all GODs names and little about each GOD/Goddess, But had no specific choice or faith in any particular incarnation. Well, now with so many experiences of DIVINE Help in my difficult times have lead me to strongly believe Sai BABA is my GURU , Guide and protector. Saying this, I am in tears as my son 45 years of age is just a few months back declared a cancer patient. He had no symptoms at all except his hemoglobin was down to 50% of normal reading. And on deeper diagnostics run, he is found to have esophageal cancer. The doctors are very optimistic about his getting cured 110% but as a mother I am devastated. So far his Chemoradiation therapy has gone very well compared to what we have heard and seen for other cancer patients. Next month he will undergo a major surgery where his esophagus and almost all of his stomach will be removed for the precautionary measures. I feel frustrated about WHY my otherwise very healthy son this suffering of health problem came up? WHY???? I want BABA to help my child and cure him with least pain suffering.
    I seek prayers from all Sai Devotees. I have completed reading Sai Satcharitra one chapter a day and keep watching BABA’s various episodes on YouTube .
    Coming across your link is also one of such reading lead.
    Jai Sai Ram

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Pari Priya,

      Thank you for visiting the page. Happiness and Sorrow are all result of our own karmas; your son is already in Baba’s care; you just do your bit i.e. keep faith in Baba and have patience. If possible, administer Baba’s Udi.
      May Sai take all your troubles away.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  6. Sai hari says:

    Dear sairam2all,
    could you plz help me in overcoming anxiety and depression. I am not able to concentrate and focus and i am in searchof job but could not give any efforts due to fluctuations in my brain, thoughts, mostly filled with negativity!! plz help if possible by suggesting something i am a sai devotee, used to do parayanas, listen to baba songs, aarti, read devotees experiences but could not make myself keep the same intensity of faith but i stii do have faith in him…
    plz plz help, i cry and weep uncontrollably when i try to study and have sleepless nights!
    plz i beg baba to shower his blessings

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Sai hari,

      Anxiety and depression happen when nothing seems to be working. In such a situation, if a positive result or rather something to our liking happens, it pulls our mind back into equilibrium. If you do not occupy yourself then it feeds to depression and it worsens.

      I am not sure about your personal circumstances and your urgency of the situation but with Baba’s help, let us try to look for some answers:

      1. Many a times, people get so desperate with securing a job that they forget to be in receiving mode of opportunities, i.e., you attract scenarios similar to your state of mind……result – a desperate, wanting and a negative attitude gets blind to what possibly may have been a starting point.

      2. You need to train your mind for the fact that if you are sufficiently qualified and making efforts you will get a job definitely – which is a logical conclusion only; sometimes it takes a bit of a time, which is down to our own bad Karmas and it is supposed to be a tough time, right? but this phase too gets over one day, isn’t it? there can be only a finite amount of it. It’s an opportunity to get it over with and welcome the good time at the end of it! which is what all the greats have proven time and again; overcoming all the adversities in life! until that happens, you need to occupy yourself with the right stuff.

      3. Change your focus from when will I get a job to until I get a job; make a list of things that you have ever enjoyed doing in your life and try to get busy doing some of those.

      4. You said you have faith in Baba; I know it is a bit harsh, but it doesn’t look like you have. Read SatCharitra chapter 20 again and you will know what I mean by having faith. But I would also say that you have Baba’s support – in form of various forums wherein people find great help listening to other’s stories.

      Do the 9 Guruvar Vrat, leave something that you find very difficult to be without, i.e. WORRYING, if I may suggest – promise to Sai that you will worry only after 9 weeks now – do it with utmost devotion and faith.

      5. Read these 3 wonderful books (very easy to read and very thin)
      I. Sara Book 1: Sara Learns the Secret of Law of attraction
      II. Sara Book 2 &
      III. Sara Book 3

      6. Try to assess if getting a job is the only solution; is there not a better way of utilising your qualification? sometimes we get hung up on one particular solution so much so that we don’t see a way around; I mean for a biotech graduate in US, would a tie-up with institutes in less advanced countries (distance teaching or designing course material or providing consultation to prospective students) not be better – I mean work as a link between person looking for information and person having access to the information?

      In the end, I’d say – People stay out of work, because of sickness, accident (Baba forbid it doesn’t happen to you) – just trying to make a point – if it doesn’t get better in these 9 weeks – it wouldn’t make much of a difference in your life as it is anyway; so why not give it a chance.

      All the best.

      May Baba keep blessing us all.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

      • veda says:

        Hiii… Hatsoff to ur work n wat r al d words u said n comment. Im a regular reader of sai devotee experience. Every day i used to saw ur comment. Today i clicked ur link. Got so blessed n got tears. Dnt ve words to apprecitate to ur work.. So simply giving dis tearz.. May ur work go on like this wid our sai ma grace.

      • sairam2all says:

        Dear Veda,

        Thanks for your kind words; I am just a medium. May Sri Sai keep blessing us all.

  7. Sai hari says:

    Thank you very sairam2all, i really appreciate your time and support for those words in reply to my problem. I would consider them as words from baba itself, there are many things happened in my life which might have led me to be in depression and anxiety now.
    I know baba tests our faith at different times and in different levels, i am still hanging there with faith and trying my best to push myself to that positive end everytime and i have decided whatever i may end up with i would still consider thats my destiny.
    Dear sairam2all, i would definitely take your words and start working on it and specially about the 9 guruvar vrat with a promise not be worried. I would request you to plz help me in providing some information on process on how to do the vrat, i used to fast on every thursday earlier but not anymore due to my health problems(i suffer frm severe digestive problems as well).
    I would be very thankful if you can email me the ebooks you mentioned “I. Sara Book 1: Sara Learns the Secret of Law of attraction
    II. Sara Book 2 &
    III. Sara Book 3 ” if you have them plzzz….
    I will be updating here regularly from now and i see a real ray of hope here by following your words.
    Thanks again to sairam2all and everyone.
    Sai hari!!

  8. Sai hari says:

    Hello all!
    I tried searching the sara book1,2 & 3 online for free ebooks but i could not find any. It has very nice reviews and i would thankfull if anyone has one and can plz share them
    Thanka all!
    Om sai ram!

    Sai hari…

  9. Sai hari says:

    Hi sairam2all,

    I am thinking of starting 9 guruvrrath vrath from this thursday i e tomorrow, could you plz help me in providing vrath information sir!!

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Sai Hari,

      Great that you have resolved to do something about your situation.

      1. Books I mentioned are not free, but worth spending the money, not very expensive!

      2. Vrat information can be found on the following link:


      I also keep Vrat on all Thursdays; but for me keeping Vrat means make attempts to adhere to Baba’s teachings; Eating food one time or restricting to fruit diet might work for others – but I believe it’s all about how serious you are and how strong your faith is; Baba Himself has discouraged people from keeping fast – In Satcharitra also it is narrated by Cholkar’s resolve of taking less sugar in tea, Baba’s discouraging Radhabai Deshmukh from keeping fast in Shimga holidays and Goa’s gentleman’s leaving rice (something which he could not have lived without).

      But again it’s down to individual’s choice, as that’s how they get peace of mind, which is quite important for being able to offer prayers with full devotion.

      If you can, leave something you find very hard to live without in this period and offer prayers with full devotion; once finished, offer food and distribute Vrat Books in the nearby Sai temple (if it is not possible, do it online, spread the word!). Offering food to homeless is therapeutic and indeed a great service.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  10. Sai hari says:

    Thank u very much sairam2all for your reply sir, one thing which has influenced me lot in your advise (i consider them as words from baba) “Do the 9 Guruvar Vrat, leave something that you find very difficult to be without, i.e. WORRYING, if I may suggest – promise to Sai that you will worry only after 9 weeks now – do it with utmost devotion and faith”.
    Earlier I can see myself alwaz in a worried situation for some or the other reason or sometimes with no reason because i think i am used to it. But now after i have started doing this vrat and with this promise i keep myself reminding not to be worried and saying to myself this is the promise i have made to baba. After telling this to myself and being worry free makes me feel better and i would try to continue this since baba is there is take care!
    I have read chapter 20 as well as you mentioned earlier and regarding books i would try to buy them.
    I really appreciate your advise and support for a person like me( who feels kinda lost) sir.
    jai sai ram!!

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Sai Hari, with Baba’s blessings, you are already on right course! now that “Worry” part is out of equation, utilise this time to work-out, how you can improve your situation; get in touch with people, read on internet about people who survived and thrived starting from zero, flip through profiles similar to yours’ on linkedin (your college seniors etc), try to do things in smarter ways – do this without the fear of failure or the thought as to what would be the result, what would others say/ think; do whatever you can to the best of your abilities……..

      Try to connect with nature, go for walks in a nearby park, feel the vibrancy of life around, smell the mother nature; exercise, eat right and meditate – Baba Himself has supported meditation. Appreciate what you already have in life!Baba will take care of the rest.

      I will also appreciate if you just address me as sairam2all; I am actually a nobody and feel “Sir” is too big for me, I hope that’s not a problem!
      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  11. Sai hari says:

    Dear sairam2all,
    I have made my mind to do all of them as you have also mentioned and without worrying.
    I will call you as sairam2all, i just felt to say sir, because i was in much needed support and help and i feel i was heard by baba. Thanks for your kind suggestions and continuous support sairam2all. I would be update here things going with me.

  12. chellam says:

    Dear Sairam2all and to other devotees,
    I thank you for this wonderful service . I happened to come across your blog and much moved by the service. Thank You

  13. Rajkumar says:

    Hurry help me baba?

  14. anuhimali says:

    Dear Sairam2all
    when i read your comments i feel you have good knowledge and blessing of sai, i need your advice to make my mind. i am very new to sai baba he took me somewhere when i was in really in trouble. i m from srilanka and i don’t know Hindi and i don’t understand that much ARATHI but he took me and gave me relief of my troubles. i believed in him, and love him so much. when i wont to read satcharitra i just ask him how can i find this book out of no way i got the address and in shridi, and they send the book without any charge i was wonder stuck. if i need something i just talk to him and ask him. than i go to the question and answer page and he give the answer and the solution what i wont. And it happened so many cases.
    now the part i wont to ask you is that i am waiting for 10 years to get a promotion in my company and somehow i m not getting it. For the last year. when i pray and ask the answer came saying that you will get in April. the answer came 2 or 3 times that time and i was upset because it was in Jun and i was thinking oh it will never happened because it was passed and if have to stay more one year and i need it so badly. Than i pray .it was so miracle that they advertised in this April the vacancy for the promotion. i was shock to see that tit was reallt in April and when i pray i got the same answer that you will promoted.
    but you know almost 10 years i am waiting for this and i need it so badly but i don’t know it is sai baba he wants to give me or not and i m not praying how others praying and i just talk to him that’s my prays and i read the blogs others who put their experience. and i am scared that if i don’t get it i will not pray or i will leave him. because that’s happening to me. i get upset leave everything and be sad .
    i already told my sai also i don’t know if don’t get this please don’t let me go of you. And I really need this but if is not your wish I will let me make my mind thinking that’s is pass karma.
    my question is for you that what should i do i really need the promotion than what if it is not my sai wish. i really don’t want to get upset and think too much every time i ask question the answers coming don’t worry don’t make unassay thing and make difficult for you. I know I need to trust him and I know I have to trust him . so please tell me how to overcome this

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Anuhimali,

      Thanks for your kind words; I am actually nobody. All I wish that Baba keep His eyes on all of us.

      Pleasure and pain both depend upon our attitude towards life. Believing in Baba means total surrender – meaning whatever it is there in our life is good because it is planned by Baba Himself. We can not see our future, but Baba can; I know, we get desperate in our lives and we need help but rather than helping ourselves, we increase our troubles by assuming that I will get happy only when such and such thing would happen; until then we think we are miserable and no where to go! but where is the belief in Baba then? we need to ask ourselves – do we have complete belief in Baba or not? Just imagine if you get promotion by next month, you will get happy, for sure, but what about last 10 years of unhappiness? Also, would you stop wishing for more after promotion; certainly not! then what! another few years of wait and unhappiness until this new wish is fulfilled and the cycle would go on?

      We need to stop for a moment in our life and think as to if something if going to happen only at a definite point in our life and especially we don’t know when, should we really allow ourselves to be unhappy until things fall in place to our liking?

      The point I am trying to make is happiness is in our hands, all the time, whatever be the situation:

      1. Baba has given us this life and whatever He has given is the best for us; if there are tough times, He is standing by us – tough times bring opportunities along; if we survive in this period, it brings out the best in us – as only a tough and robust character could survive bad times. Don’t get hung upon promotion.

      2. That said, there is a saying that GOD helps those who help themselves. Analyse what is needed to get this promotion? how have you been spending your time at work so far? Think through, write down all things which justify that you deserve this promotion, take an appointment with your bosses and present your case; if you lack into some aspect, skills – work on them, get trained and show your superiors that you are making efforts to get better. Sometimes if you stay in a company too long and allow your peers to run over you, you lose respect and don’t get noticed; look for job opportunities in your field, get some offers and negotiate with your current bosses; sometimes they realize/acknowledge their employee’s worth only when they start to leave; for any reason if they don’t, you might be in the wrong place; join somewhere else where people would appreciate your efforts.

      If we need to get something in our lives, we need to keep asking ourselves what we are doing to achieve it on daily basis. No efforts, no results?

      May Baba keep blessing us all.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!!

  15. preet says:

    Dear brother,
    I had been sai devotee from last 10 years.since childhood my life had never been “normal”.Most of people will call it “abnormal”.during Jan-2005 I started praying sai just to get job to feed myself.I always struggled in life for education,job etc.I got some stupid job only for temporary period.getting job was never easy for me in-spite of getting degree from one of the top ten universities (engineering) in india. Later.Later I got married and even there never got good luck.My MIL made my life hell as it was love marriage.Today even after 8 years of marriage I am issue less.We even went for IVF treatment but no use.I never asked saibaba for stupid things,the only things I ever asked him is “JOB” & later “motherhood blessings” but till date it has not happened.I did so many times “sai sacharitra” & “9 guruvrrath vrath” to the extent that now I don’t even have any faith towards this book and fasting.we came to US before 2 years to get rid of personal issues.even here bad luck is sticking to me,my H1 visa required to work in this country is not approved.I cant work without it as that will be illegal here.
    Looking at my faith towards saibaba people even started mocking at me that “whats is the use of praying him so much when he cant even bless u with motherhood the most important aspect of married ladies”.Nowadays I don’t even feel like going to saibaba temple but I still drag myself there.
    dear brother i know my all sufferings are due to my past deeds but why is that he never bothers to answer my questions/prayers.after believing him for so many years now I feel cheated.Many people looking at me started praying to saibaba and their prayers were answered than WHY NOT ME?.even my younger sister is devotee of saibaba but even she is suffering,she is 30 and yet to be married.on my advice my family people went to shirdi but nothing happened,now they are mocking my faith in sai baba. my another sister is married for 4 years but still issue less.I completely feel LOST and cheated at this period,really don’t know where to go and whom to pray.

    • sairam2all says:

      Dear Preet,

      Faith is a very personal thing; between you and Baba. What others make of it, should not matter. So you need to tune out that aspect. People just comment on what they see; their thinking will change when things will work out for you; so why should their opinion matter at all; going to Shirdi without any faith doesn’t help anyone…….

      Patience is a big test, some people get hardest of it’s kind – take the case of Gopal Ambadekar in Chapter 26 of SatCharitra where he had to wait 7 years of suffering even when Baba was in flesh right in front of his eyes; imagine the plight of him, everybody else getting blessed in front of his eyes, whereas there was no reprieve for him!

      Our sincerity & resolve should be like that of Cholkar (Chapter 15) when we ask something from Baba and attitude should be like that of maid servant of Kaka Saheb Dixit (Chapter 20).

      Just hang in there, don’t lose patience yet, it’s tough but then faith in Baba will help you with that; good times are not very far. May Sri Sai keep blessing us all.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  16. Meenakshi says:

    hi omsairam

  17. bhagyashri says:

    Om Sai ram
    Very nice blog ..
    God bless you

  18. Nishad says:

    Dear sairram2all

    can you tell me how can a person keep the trust when you in a too much problem. how you know shridi sai baba will answer your pray. i know you have to believe and trust how can you get this when you really need something.. i know when you have past karma any god cant even help you out. you have to go thought all ur karma.so maybe thats why i am feeling like this.


    • sairam2all says:

      Sairam dear Nishad,

      First and foremost thing to understand is that paying for your bad karmas is never going to be comfortable; good thing is this situation does not last long as you have born as human again, meaning you’ve been given opportunity to pay for your karmas as well as do better deeds to attain a higher state using your wisdom and controlling your senses.

      I would like to suggest this time too shall pass soon. Good news is that you have Baba’s blessings as you have not forgotten Him and so He is watching you over during your bad times. Just keep clinging to your support system and do good whenever you can.

      I know it is easier to preach but you need to assess your circumstances objectively. No one can escape paying for their karmas and you are not an exception; so why not get the best out of this time. Read through Chapter 20 of SatCharitra again; try to get the essence of it and then it’d become easy.

      Our problems is that we get so hung up on a certain solution which alone, we think, would end our problems and trust me that is the only cause of all our sorrows.

      We fail to observe that we all practice keeping faith in different situations every single day, for instance:

      When we start for our offices in morning, we put our faith in the transport system such that it will help you reach there in time or for that matter we do not doubt the ability of driver of the vehicle, do we? or

      When we drive at night in dark, we trust headlights of our vehicle, to take us all the way although we could barely see only a few yards ahead.

      I appreciate your need must be obvious and critical but is that the only solution to your problems?Don’t forget even for a moment, that Baba is the creator of this world and that He will bless you with a much better solution, while you are settling your dues for bad Karmas.

      You only need to do your bit, i.e. Keep Faith and have Patience in Baba.

      May Sri Sai bless you soon.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Mahraj ki Jai!!

  19. Sangeetha says:

    Dear Devotees,
    I am Sai daughter from dubai, right now I am in critical situation and expecting a miracle soon through baba. He promised me in his answers that he will this, but it is not simple thing, it is like magical miracle, if it is happen, all my life , soul surrender to sai maa. I already surrendered, but I want only this miracle to be happened by him, to show me his presence in this world. Again I wil never ask him, whether is alive or not, I will assure that he is still alive, he gave his answers like, within christmas he will fulfill my wish, I am in the situation of hell for last 40 days, my loved one disappeared suddenly and no any news about him, its been 40days now, I did not know anything about him, even his friends, family don’t know about him…all are suffering more from this pain, I want him come back to me..I am crying and praying everyday sai maa that he only can know him, and bring him to us back, otherwise nobody can.

    Please devotees, I consider all of you as brothers and sisters, please pray for me, pray for him also..Now everything going as well, the only things in my heart is, I want him to come back. November second week, I have booked to go Shirdi, and planning to do Nav Guruwar Vrat…Please pray for me devotees…..I dont know what will happen then..

    Om Sai Ram….please save us all.


    Om sai ram.
    May baba fulfill your wish Sangeeta sister.

  21. ananthkumar says:

    hi people,

    Om SaiRam,
    Im in a bad shape and unhappy always, my girl broke up with me and went far since 3months. i have already done with my 9Vrat and finish reading saicharitra, a miracle which happened that she called me back as soon i got into a good company with good salary but no such great love and care which she has now. I wanted her as mine saibaba, i beg you to the core. Without my girl its a nightmare :((((((( :(((( :((((

  22. Vicky says:

    Saibaba is also help his devotees in prablem.
    Om sai ram

  23. Shantha says:

    Om Sai Ram,
    today bieng mySai’s day, i was trying to get more information on the chapter i read today. Came across your write up.

  24. Shantha says:

    Om Sai Ram,
    today bieng mySai’s day, i was trying to get more information on the chapter i read today. Came across your write up.
    Satcharita has so much to say…..it is the best gift from mySai.

    • sairam2all says:

      Sai Ram Shantha,

      I hope you found what you were looking for. Yes! Satcharitra is great, Annasaheb with blessings from Sri Sai have written what we can call an epic of modern times.

      May Sri Sai bless all of us.

      Sri SatChit Anand Satguru Sainath Maharaj ki Jai!

  25. Sairam says:

    I am delighted to share my experience that
    saibaba of Shirdi, talks and guides me all the time.
    I can feel his presence in me always.

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